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Karlakulo's Photo and Video Blog: Wife Fucking Video

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Karlakulo: KarlaKulo bouncing that fat married ass all over a stiff cock!

Wife Fucking Ass Bouncing Ass Milf Milf Ass Horny Milf Reverse Cowgirl Karlakulo

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"Horny hot wife who gets turned on posting for you guys!"


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flag as inappropriate Hotinct6    Feb. 15, 2018
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Can i fill your ass at the same time he fucks your pussy

flag as inappropriate RobVoy    Jan. 31, 2018VResident
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Great action! Please check out my VC contest entry 'Hand Job of the Year' titled "Hair pussies" and let me know if youd like to be included in the upcoming "Meat Lover's Delight II":

flag as inappropriate Mid 50 Canadian Couple    Dec. 17, 2017

Karlakulo , Sweet Pea here this morning , Go Girl , ride that cock till you are satisfied , sensational video , my second most favorite position after doggie , Keep havin fun ,

flag as inappropriate sexyblonde    Dec. 17, 2017
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I want to join in on that please

flag as inappropriate justrite    Dec. 17, 2017

Nice slide!

flag as inappropriate Clever1    Dec. 16, 2017

Fantastic video
Great ass
Gorgeous wife

flag as inappropriate ClitLckr    Dec. 16, 2017
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That shyt is hot! Bounce that phat ass and get the hot load out of those nuts .......

flag as inappropriate tubesx1    Dec. 16, 2017
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Very hot. Is that your cock?

flag as inappropriate hardrockhoward    Dec. 16, 2017VResident
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She can bounce up and down on me anytime!

flag as inappropriate Zeke    Dec. 16, 2017VResident
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Who's cock? Yours? Not sure I could take much of the girls enthusiasm... lmao

flag as inappropriate Abozo    Dec. 16, 2017

Awesome, but longer clip next time please!

flag as inappropriate Tyro    Dec. 16, 2017VResident
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hot! id like to be in front of her - having her suck me as she rides!!

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